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Rene Blain Trucking LTD. carries a vast array of aggregates for commercial or residential use. From Topsoil, Gravel, Sand and Clayfill we have the aggregate products to meet any project requirements. Our Large fleet of trucks and trailers has allowed use to be the first point of contact when large scale and demanding trucking and hauling services are required. Residential homeowners can also visit our facility and purchase products using their own hauling methods, we can load or you can load.
We are here to help so feel free to contact us if you need information on which product wil best suit your project.


0 - 7/8 Limestone A

0 - 7/8 Limestome A

EDF在线老虎机OPSA Limestone for road base.

0-2" Gran B Type II

0-2 Gran B Type II Gravel

Perfect Limestone road base for heavy commercial traffic. The preferred base for windmill and oilfield access roads

Amherst 3/4 Clear

Amherst 3/4 Clear Stone

EDF在线老虎机Calicitic Limestone 3/4 clear 100% fractured. The most economical fractured clear suitable for top dressing or backfill.

EDF在线老虎机Dolomite 3/4 Clear

Dolomite 3/4 Clear Stone

The cadillac top dressing stone. Clean and hard for topping driveways.

Gran M

Gran M

EDF在线老虎机Dolomite Granular M is very clean base mix for driveways.

1/4 Minus

1/4 Minus

A fine blend very nice on horse tracks or in field laneways.

Pea Stone

Pea Stone

Used primarily under playground equipment or in dog runs.

7/8 - 1 3/4 Stone

7/8 - 1 3/4 Stone

EDF在线老虎机Drainage stone used mainly for backfill where larger voids are preferred. Also a good top dressing stone for farm yards with heavy traffic.

EDF在线老虎机Armour Stone

Armour Stone

Random sizing only. Single stones not available. Full Loads only.

12-24" Rip Rap

12-24 Rip Rap Stone

For heavy erosion control, often used in conjunction with gabion stone.

EDF在线老虎机Gabion Stone

Gabion Stone

Most commonly used for erosion control.

3/4 Round

3-4 Round Stone

Sewer Stone used for drainage or decoration.

1/2 - 1 1/2 Round

1/2 - 1 1/2 Round Stone

EDF在线老虎机Clean round stone used mostly for decoration.

Black Compost

Black Compost

Aged organic matter used for adding nutrients to soil.

Cement Gravel

Cement Gravel

EDF在线老虎机Base mixed used for mixing cement.

B Type I

B Type I

Base mix for roads, laneways or backfill of sewers, garage floors or barns.

EDF在线老虎机1 - 2 1/2" Round

Round Stone

EDF在线老虎机Washed round stone for decoration.

EDF在线老虎机QPR Premium Cold Patch

QPR Premium Cold Patch

EDF在线老虎机For potholes in asphalt roads or driveways. Used by many local municipalities.

Garden Soil

Garden Soil

A blend of organic matter + local topsoil.

EDF在线老虎机Lawn Topsoil

Lawn Topsoil

EDF在线老虎机Topsoil suitable for lawns and landscaping.

Mason Sand

Mason Sand

Clean sharp mortar sand. Used for bedding under flagstone or making mortar.

Reclaimed /Recycled Stone

Reclaimed /Recycled Stone

Just what it claims to be. Useful as a deep base.

Limestone Screening

Limestone Screenings

EDF在线老虎机Perfect for use under patio stones or as a backfill.



EDF在线老虎机Useful for sewer work or sandboxes.

EDF在线老虎机Calicitic Lime

Calicitic Lime

EDF在线老虎机Useful for balancing the PH of agricultural soils. See our specialty services page.

Dolomitic Lime

Dolomitic Lime

Useful for balancing the PH of agricultural soils. See our specialty services page.

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Rene Blain Trucking in Tilbury, Ontario has been a leader in supplying aggregate material like: Topsoil, Coldmix Asphalt, Rip Rap, Gabion Stone, Gravel, Sand, Crushed Stone, Clay, Black Dirt and more since 1947. Our Reliabilty, Flexibilty and Experience in gravel delivery and gravel hauling has made Rene Blain Trucking the preferred aggregate delivery and aggregates supply choice of many residential and commercial projects throughtout Chatham-Kent, Wallaceburg, Leamington, Belle River, Essex and Windsor Ontario. So if your looking to buy gravel, sand or topsoil for your next driveway and landscaping project or require something more like a 25 truck fleet to supply aggregates for a massive Municipality, Windmill, Paving or Commercial project we are the aggregate supplier to call. Trucking isn't just a job, it's our Life!